Wholesale Partners

Everyone in the jewelry industry wants the same thing: more happy consumers buying more beautiful jewelry. What if there were a better way for everyone to work together to make that happen more often?

Strong retail and wholesale partnerships help to build healthy jewelry markets. To make them successful, each side has to invest in the partnership. In the past, this used to require extensive inventory financing from vendors and minimum buys from retailers. If inventory didn’t sell, both sides lost.

Today, there’s another way. With virtual inventory from your favorite vendors available for immediate shipping on VDB, you can switch to a just-in-time model.

VDB allows you to present beautiful images and video of exactly the products the consumer is looking for through a modern sophisticated interactive interface.
No old-fashioned paper catalogs to thumb through or websites to print out: it’s designed for you to share with the consumer complete with your retail pricing. Most importantly, there’s no investment in inventory needed to always have exactly what the consumer is looking for. It’s like an online trade show in your store 24/7, whenever you need it. It’s better for wholesale business partners too, with less need to finance inventory for every retail customer. There’s much less shipping back and forth in the hope that consumers will come back in. That’s because the consumer is much more engaged when they are involved in choosing the product, so they are much more likely to return to view it.

VDB makes it easy for retailers and vendors to create win-win partnerships because it makes the supply chain more efficient. There’s no calling around looking for something, no guessing what an item looks like, no salespeople to play phone tag with: just tap and the right item is on its way right away.

With all the time you’ll save on the supply chain, you can have better products, better prices and better marketing. That’s sure to mean more happy customers buying more beautiful jewelry too.