Client Communications

How much time do you spend on the phone every week dealing with customer requests? How many of those calls actually result in a sale? There’s got to be a better way.

Now there is: VDB’s convenient in-app client communications. Retailers can use the app to request the exact stones they want with a single tap. And shape images, details, reports and even video with consumers instantly.

Suppliers can easily manage retailer requests. VDB puts your customer product requests right where you need them: in your email, as notifications on your phone, or right in your VIMS product database.

And unlike phone calls, the requests are linked to the specific product the customer wants, so all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

When the customer makes an offer you can instantly see your cost price, how long you’ve had the product, and if there have been any other inquiries about that stone so you can better make a decision on whether you’ll take the
customer’s offer.

And you can reply to the customer with a single click right there in the app, you don’t have to try to call the customer back over and over to get through.

That request is also more likely to result in a sale since the retailer can show images, video and details of the gem over the counter with the consumer, pre-selling the stone even before it arrives.

And even when you don’t use VDB with your customer, you can use VDB’s convenient sharing function to email collections of gem options, complete with images, reports, pricing and all the details they need to make the right choice.

With all the support of VDB’s communications tools, you’ll do less calling and shipping back and forth and more selling.