Matching Pairs

One way that VDB unlocks extra value for you is through its innovative diamond Matching Pairs Tool. You can let VDB do the time-consuming work of searching through thousands of diamonds to find two that have the same color, clarity and cut. You’ll never have to pay a premium for matched pairs again because VDB can find a matching diamond for you. It’s a new way to design with diamonds.

If you are creating diamond stud earrings for a client, all you have to do is locate one diamond in the right size and quality and tap the Pair button: you’ll instantly see all the matching diamonds available. The perfect match could be offered by a different supplier in a different city: you’d never
find it any other way.

If a client comes in who has lost an earring, comes in to ask you to “find a new mate for my earring” you can easily compare all the options with the exact dimensions you need. Just search to find one stone that meets the requirement and use the Matched Pair search to compare all the gems that also meet all the criteria side by side.

The best thing about the Matching Pairs Tool is that it presents images of the stones side-by-side so you can easily find the two stones that complement each other best. You can compare the facet patterns, inclusions, proportions and every aspect of the cut by looking at the images.

The match tool is also a fast way to comparison shop. You can easily find all the similar stones, often uncovering a better value. You might even find a bargain on a better grade for the same price.

For three-stone rings, you can favorite your options for the center diamond, find a pair or two for the side stones and then see all of your options side by side to make sure that you like the way the whole layout looks together.

Gemstone pairs are available in search by selecting the double gem icon below the variety selection wheel, allowing you to comparison shop for pairs just as you would single gemstones.