Find Any Gem Anywhere

Source from a global selection

You’ll never lose a sale no matter what your customer requests with almost a million in diamonds and gemstones from the world’s top diamond and gemstone suppliers at your fingertips.

Merchandise your selection

VDB is designed to use with your customers: display wholesale or retail pricing, or no price at all. And you can limit search results to your own inventory, add your favorite vendors, or show everything available.

See the color

With color, a picture is worth a thousand search results. VDB’s image-based search allows you to show the customer the exact gemstone color she’s looking for, right there at the counter, even if it’s a colored gemstone you’ve never carried before!

Email favorites

It’s easy to select a few choice favorites and send it to your customer directly from the app, complete with images, videos, and grading reports.

Match pairs automatically

With VDB’s automatic pair matching tool you can easily find diamonds for stud earrings and three stone rings.

Train with expert support

VDB consultants help you customize the interface and train your staff to make the most of its powerful capabilities.

Work the way you want to

VDB works seamlessly on all your devices: phone, tablet and laptop, even all at once. Buyers and sellers can get in touch whatever way is most convenient in-app, email or phone: no middleman or commissions.

Compare quickly with visual search

VDB’s visual interface lets you scan with your eyes and compare stones side-by-side. Length-to-width ratios, inclusions, and cut quality are easy to evaluate: no need to click through screen after screen looking for the details.

Easily source rare gems

Instantly find a 3.00-carat round emerald, a 1.50 carat cushion-cut padparascha sapphire, or a 10x8mm emerald-cut pink tourmaline with a few taps. Don’t spend days calling around and trying to guess what the color descriptions mean: see what’s available instantly and show your customer her options.

Free to browse and buy

Membership is FREE: browse and buy with no subscription fees or commissions.

Network with your community

One-click connection for members of groups like CBG and RJO to source from your favorite suppliers.