Create Store Traffic

Attract new customers with an enhanced online presence

Meet millennial jewelry buyers online, where they spend most of their

Build your email list

Use VDB’s easy share functionality as an incentive to collect customer emails, allowing you to follow up and build the relationship through targeted email marketing.

Connect with customer networks

Create the kind of engaging in-store experience that generates

Become a local destination

Become the destination in your area for any and every diamond and gemstone

Encourage return visits

Increased engagement during their initial visit means that customers are more likely to return to view products in person, increasing traffic and your closing rate.

Occupy prime real estate on
customers’ phones

Stay top of mind with customers with a custom mobile app right on their phone: it’s like a personal billboard they see every day.

Always have what customers are searching for online

Add an impressive selection of diamonds to your website to attract customers and build jewelry store traffic with VDB’s impressive plug-and-play online inventory.

Fill every niche in your community

With virtual inventory, you can target small niche markets in your area without investing in extra inventory.

Be demand-driven

Provide a personalized product experience to entice millennial consumers