Your Lab-Grown Diamond Sourcing Problems are Over

VDB's lab-grown diamond marketplace is the largest in the world, featuring the most trusted suppliers!

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Lab-Grown, Simplified

Now it’s easier than ever to source, buy, and sell lab-grown diamonds. The world’s largest B2B lab-grown diamond marketplace has all the features you need: Lab reports, high quality photography, and 360-degree views.

Just Like Buying Diamonds

VDB’s lab-grown marketplace makes it easy to buy lab-grown the same way you buy mined. Our list of lab-grown dealers, trading features, and over 550k+ diamonds make it easy to incorporate lab-grown in your store.

Visual, Interactive Search

Customers LOVE our engaging search experience, and you’ll love the efficiency. You can request, buy, memo, place holds, and communicate with vendors straight from the app, 24/7. It’s more than a marketplace. It’s a productivity tool.

Did you know that lab-grown diamonds also come in fancy colors? Just look at how vibrant these are!

eCommerce Integrations Too!

Do you have a customer base that is interested in lab-grown? Want to list lab-grown diamonds on your website so they can explore and shop? Now you can with VDB's ecommerce integrations! Check out our fully integrated solutions for Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce.