Sell More Jewelry

Interact with in-store presentation tools

VDB is designed to use with your customers to pre-sell jewelry: display wholesale or retail pricing, or no price at all. And you can limit search results to your own inventory, add your favorite vendors, or show everything available.

Free browsing and buying

Membership is FREE: browse and buy with no subscription fees or commissions.

Engage with an elegant interface

Digitally-savvy customers love the elegant interface, images and videos: it’s much more engaging sales tool than a printed catalog.

Create your own custom mobile app

VDB offers customization options to promote your brand: add your logo and colors or even create your own completely custom app that’s available in app stores.

Work the way you want to

VDB works seamlessly on all your devices: phone, tablet and laptop, even all at once.Buyers and sellers can get in touch whatever way is most convenient in-app, email or phone: no middleman or commissions.

Sell With Better Video & Images

Pair with VDB Studio to create videos and images of your products and upload them to your app and online store.

Train With Expert Support

VDB consultants help you customize the interface and train your staff to make the most of its powerful capabilities.

Save time & shipping costs

Because consumers are engaged before the jewelry are shipped, they are more likely to complete their purchase, increasing sales and saving time and money for both retailers and suppliers.

Source from a global selection

You’ll never lose a sale no matter what your customer requests with a wide range of jewelry styles from jewelry manufacturers, jewelry designers, and jewelry wholesalers at your fingertips.

Email favorites

It’s easy to select a few choice favorites and send it to your customer directly from the app, complete with images, videos, and grading reports.

Browse with visual search

VDB’s visual interface lets customers scan with their eyes and compare styles side-by-side.

Stock virtual online inventory

Add plug-and-play virtual jewelry inventory from VDB to your website. Choose a simple iFrame integration or a full custom look and feel: we’ll take care of the details and you’ll benefit from the boost in inquiries and sales.

Sell from your mobile showcase

No matter where you see your customer, you’ll have what they are looking for at your fingertips, with images, videos, reports, and everything you need to show and sell.

Connect multiple locations

Your salespeople can use VDB to quickly check the inventory of all of your locations at once and show your entire selection to customers.

Network With Your Community

One-click connection for members of groups like CBG and RJO to make it easier for retailers and supplier members to do business with one another.

Manage Inventory Easily

VIMS inventory management tools allow you to spend less time organizing so you can spend more time selling.