We Are VDB

We are Virtual Diamond Boutique. We are retailers. We are wholesalers. We are global sightholders. We are a worldwide community working together to create the next generation trading platform that will take the jewelry industry into the future of omnichannel marketing. Mobile. Digital. Global. Innovative. Simple. Beautiful.

In Your Pocket

With VDB, you can carry all the world’s diamonds and gems with you wherever you go, finding your next customer everywhere and anywhere.

Forget old-fashioned spreadsheet trading networks. Search the way you buy: with your eyes. VDB’s beautiful visually-based phone app means you can immediately show your customers exactly what they are looking for so they can instantly fall in love. The sales are closed and the gems are on their way with a few simple taps.

Our Vision

VDB started with a vision of technology that seamlessly brings people together. Founded by the trade for the trade, with a passionate team of innovators who don’t just see the challenges of today’s changing market but also the opportunities.

Our Inspiration

Our founders Tanya, Gil and Leon talked to retailers and wholesalers and asked them to dream big. To solve the problems of today and tomorrow. To forge a new alliance between the expertise of the jeweler and the convenience of the digital world for the benefit of all. To break down the barriers between bricks and clicks to make the in-store experience more engaging.

Our Solutions

That’s why VDB has so many features that make it easier to make a sale: we listened to our community and made VDB to overcome their daily challenges. From the world’s best diamond and gem search app to customer collections to web inventory management to imaging solutions, everything we make is designed to help you make your customers happier and build a business that will last.

Embrace The Future

The future begins when you download the VDB app. Available for both iOS and Android, it’s completely free for members of the trade. Buyers pay nothing. Sellers pay a modest listing fee. There’s no commission and no monthly fee. And with the world’s inventory live in your hands, why go anywhere else?