Virtual Diamond Boutique™ is the world’s most advanced B2B jewelry industry trading platform for diamonds, colored gemstones, and jewelry, designed to help retailers show and sell to their customers with a beautiful visual mobile-first interface. By engaging jewelry consumers and creating a better shopping experience, VDB increases sales at every level of the jewelry business. VDB also makes sourcing more efficient, increasing profits on every sale.

VDB levels the digital playing field, empowering small companies to compete on a global level by making advanced technology accessible. VDB White label services put custom mobile apps and category-leading online jewelry inventory within reach for every jewelry business.

Better Diamond & Gemstone Sourcing

Jewelry Selling App

With visual search, images and videos, VDB romances your products. And VDB isn’t just an advanced B2B sourcing network, it helps retailers sell to jewelry consumers with an over-the- counter presentation mode that closes sales.

Consumer Engagement App

Improve the in-store customer experience with an engaging digital presentation that’s tailored to the way you run your business. Easily send your customers saved favorites so you can capture email addresses to follow-up and stay top-of-mind.

Product Photography and Video Production

Create your own professional quality jewelry videos and photos using VDB Studio and your smartphone. Give your inventory to an assistant and a few hours you’ll have consistent high-quality photos and video uploaded of everything.

Jewelry, Diamonds, and Gemstone Sourcing

VDB is the only global network for diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry with almost a million in listings from the world’s top suppliers. Visual search makes it easy to browse and compare side-by-side. And VDB is always at your fingertips, even on the go.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

VIMS, VDB’s integrated inventory management tool, is customizable for the way you work, making it easy to upload and sell your products on VDB. And VIMS also integrates with VDB Studio for effortless image and video uploads.

Year-Round, Virtual Trade Show

The entire jewelry business connects on VDB, with 24,000 members buying and selling around the world. Find new products, new suppliers, and new customers, and build new relationships. Access members of buying groups like CBG and RJO with a single tap.